Are needed home repairs preventing you from closing real estate deals?

Keep your negotiations on track.

No home or property is flawless, and home inspection is a critical step in most home purchases and contracts. The inspection carefully details the home’s condition and can highlight potential problem areas that need attention immediately or in the future. The findings may be potential 'deal-breakers,' but they don't have to be. Obtaining timely and accurate written estimates for repair work to be used in negotiations can salvage your sale.

Red Flag's Simple Solution

Step 1: A home inspector identifies issues.
Step 2: Both the seller and the buyer look to their agents for reassurance and recommendations.
Step 3: Agent calls Red Flag Estimates and we meet at site.
Step 4: Timely written repair cost documentation helps real estate negotiations proceed on time.
James Fisher

“Michigan’s most successful real estate agents build their reputation one transaction at a time. Response time is critical when a home inspection ‘red flags’ problems. I am on your team. Let our written documentation help you save your deal.”

– Jim Fisher, Red Flag Estimates Founder & Licensed Builder
25 years of building and market experience

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